HSBC and Lumbar Liquidators may have bearish sentiments

HBC – HSBC Holdings Plc, a banking and financial company has been on the decline since last September. Currently, analysts believe that the stock will further decline.

HBC – HSBC Holdings Plc
Fundamentals Previously closed at 32.19
Day’s high 32.32
Day’s low 31.83
P/E ratio 8.94
EPS 3.6


Analyst opinion HSBC announced its Earnings before the opening bell today. Due to bad loans, it has reported  $1.33 billion net loss during the quarter. It also said that there are ongoing investigations related to FIFA and its hiring practices in China. Due to these, It also has a bleak outlook for the year 2016. Analysts believe that the stock price will be bearish
Sentiments Its financials are good with a P/B of 0.76 , P/C of 0.14 and a Debt to Equity Ratio of 0.5. However, its PEG is 6.38, which looks bad with respect to growth.
with recent downgrade of the stock by various brokers to “Underweight” , the stock is likely to have negative sentimments
Revenue Prediction For the full year 2015, HSBC reported a pre-tax profits of $18.8 Billion, which is a mere 1% YoY increase, compared to the analyst expectations of $21.7 Billion. Return on Equity is 7.2%, as against the wall street estimate of 8.4%.

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