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A brief analysis of Zafgen and HP Inc

ZFGN – Zafgen, Inc is a bio-pharmaceutical company, engaged in developing medicines for patients affected by obesity and complex metabolic disorders. Analysts have a positive outlook for the stock.

ZFGN – Zafgen, Inc

Fundamentals Previously closed at 6.70
Day’s high 6.86
Day’s low 6.49
P/E ratio NA
EPS -2.77


Analysts opinion Zafgen has been given a “Buy” rating by analysts, with a target price of $17. It previously reported an EPS of -$1.85.  It announced today that it has achieved its primary efficacy points in the phase 3 trial for evaluating Beloranib – a subcutaneous injection, developed for treatment of multiple indications including severe obesity in two rare cases. This news has driven the stock up by 11% pre-market.
Insider James. E. Flynn is reported to have bought 64,545 shares of the firm at an average of $6.25 per share on February 12th this year. Also, an institutional investor, Janus Capital Management increased their stake in Zafgen.
Sentiments Beloranib could be the only potential cure for PWS, which affects one in 12000-15000 people. Despite being considered a rare disorder, PWS is the most common condition seen in genetic clinics.  The sentiments for ZFGN may rise further in the short term, and would depend on FDA approval in the near future.
Social Media Pulse The stock has 72% higher chatter than usual.

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