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Ford Motor and Arch Capital Group Ltd may have bullish sentiments

Arch Capital Group Ltd, an Insurance and reinsurance company also operates in the mortgage segment. Analysts recently gave a “Strong Buy” recommendation for the stock.

ACGL – Arch Capital Group Ltd
Fundamentals Previously closed at 68.4
Day’s high 68.49
Day’s low 66.92
P/E ratio 16.72
EPS 4.09


Analyst opinion The stock has good fundamentals with a P/S ratio of 2.06 , P/B ratio of 1.41, P/C ratio of 12.91 and a Debt to Equity ratio of 0.19. The only concern seems to be the PEG ratio which is currently at 3.17. Chartists believe that currently the stock has a head and shoulder pattern – which means that there are high possibilities of trend reversals
Sentiments ACGL reported an earnings of $143.6 Million, or $1.15 per share for the fourth quarter of 2015, post which it saw a spike in the price
The stock’s current target price according to analysts is $80 and is currently trading at a discount of $68.40
Social pulse The social media pulse is 63% Higher than normal.

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Ford Motors integration with Amazon spikes $F sentiment

$F- Ford Motors – Bullish (Short – Mid Term)

The Consumer Electronic Show unveiled a novel integration of Ford Motors with Amazon – “Ford’s in car software” which will be connected to home devices. Ford will be accelerating from an auto company to an auto and a mobility company. Ford cars may soon drive by themselves, communicate with homes and even with drones!

Ford’s 2015 F-150 is hitting full stride and SUV sales continue to boom in America. Adding to this, there has been a decline in the gasoline prices in the US which has led to higher sales volume for automakers. Analysts have a bullish outlook for the auto industry.

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