Today’s sentiments for Aratana Therepeutics and Elbit Systems

PETX– Aratana Therepeutics Inc is a pet therapeutics company which manufactures and distributes bio pharmaceutical products for pets. The stock rose 5% during after-hours yesterday.

PETX- Aratana Therepeutics Inc

Fundamentals Previously closed at 5.19
Day’s high 6.17
Day’s low 4.43
P/E ratio NA
EPS -2.44


Analysts opinion PETX has been granted its first FDA approval for Galliprant which controls the pain and inflammation with Osteoarthritis in dogs. Analysts have a consensus target price of $11.83 for the stock. The shares surged intraday upto its resistance at $6.17 and closed at 5.19. If the resistance levels are crossed, the stock may see a share price of $10.
Sentiments Due to the news, the stock rose 5% yesterday and is expected to be bullish.
Social Media Pulse The stock has 100% higher chatter than usual.

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