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$CMI and $CS may have bullish market sentiments in the near future

Here are a couple stocks to watch out for in the next few days:

CMI – Cummins Inc
Analytics Previously closed at 90.66
Day’s high 91.04
Day’s low 86.83
P/E ratio 9.71
EPS 9.34


Analyst’s opinion The stock seems to have a short term bullish trend, ahead of its revenue announcements today. Chartists believe that the 20 day Moving Average is about to cross the 50 day Moving average in a bullish manner.
Sentiments With the recent Insider buying the stock at $99.52, and the Q4 and last fiscal year reveue announcements coming up today, the sentiments are likely to soar.
The stock has very favourable fundamentals with a low P/E and lower P/S of  0.83.
The stock seems to have plummeted closer to the levels of its 2011 low. Analysts believe that the market will offer resistance at current levels.
Revenue prediction the estimated revenue for Q4 is $4703.88, which is higher than previous quarter actual revenues.
Social pulse The social pulse is 100% higher than normal, with a lot of buzz for the stock in the media, today being its revenue announcement date.


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