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Bullish sentiments for Michael Kors and Akamai Technologies

KORS – Michael Kors Holdings Limited is a global firm, operating in the segment of accessories, footwear and apparel.

KORS – Michael Kors Holdings Limited

Fundamentals Previously closed at 53.41
Day’s high 53.54
Day’s low 52.01
P/E ratio 12.32
EPS 4.34


Analysts opinion Piper Jaffray upgraded the stock to “Outperform” today, with a price target of $67. Its proprietary teenage survey recently reported growth potential for Michael Kors brand. KORS has good fundamentals with a forward PE of 11.69, ROA of 33.10%, and zero debt makes the stock attractive. Many institutional investors including Blackrock Advisors LLC, Oregon Public Employees Retirement fund, Mitsubishi UFJ Kokusai Asset Management, First Merchants Corp, etc increased its stake in Michael Kors Holdings
Sentiments Lockheed beat the revenue estimates by a huge margin of $360 Million, reporting a Q1 revenue of $11.7 Billion, which increased 15.7% YoY. It has also been given a credit rating of A -. Investor sentiments are bullish for the stock.
Revenue Prediction KORS is believed to report its Q3 earnings on 25th of May. Estimize consensus prediction for revenue is $1,171 Million, and EPS is $1.01.

Both numbers are significantly lower than the previous quarter, but higher than the same quarter last year. Analysts expect a growth in the Earnings as well as revenue YoY

Social Media Pulse The stock has 5% lower chatter than usual.

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CVT and LPLA may be trading at a bargain

LPL Financial Holdings Inc is a brokerage and advisory firm, which analysts believe is trading at a bargain. It recently announced a lower than expected fourth quarter results which sent its share price downhill.

LPLA – LPL Financial Holdings Inc.
Fundamentals Previously closed at 16.5
Day’s high 17.95
Day’s low 15.38
P/E ratio 9.48
EPS 1.74


Analyst opinion The stock has good fundamentals with a PEG ratio of 0.66, P/S ratio of 0.36 , P/B ratio of 1.66 and P/C ratio of 1.78. The only concern that analysts have is the declining revenues and its Debt to Equity ratio of 1.96
Sentiments LPLA reported a net Q4 income of $27 Million and EPS of $0.28 which is way below the analyst consensus estimate of $0.51 per share. This was mainly due to equity market decline at the end of third quarter.
The target price according to analysts is $28 and it is currently trading at a huge discount at $16.5. The stock currently has a 44% analyst Buy opinion
Social pulse The social media pulse is 100% Higher than normal.

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The plunging ‘Cloud’ – Palo Alto and Salesforce may have further bearish sentiments

Palo Alto Networks, Inc., a cloud-based internet security company fell as much as 15% on Friday despite a lack of any kind of news. We saw a free fall of cloud-based tech stocks on Friday, despite positive earnings reports and “Buy” recommendations from brokers.

PANW – Palo Alto Networks, Inc
Fundamentals Previously closed at 127.51
Days high 139.89
Days low 123.8
P/E ratio N/A
EPS -2.09


Analyst opinion Despite “Buy” broker rating, analysts believe the stocks might plunge further, unless the quarterly report to be released on 25th Feb acts as a bullish catalyst.
Sentiments The fundamental indicators for the stock are negative. With the P/S and P/B of 10.61 and 19.95 respectively. Analysts expect a mean price of ~$209.
With 3 insiders i.e, the CFO, CTO and CMO, selling more than 150 shares each on Jan 21st, the stock prices have plunged.
While the business itself is doing well, Analysts believe that there are good times ahead for the stock.
Revenue prediction With a revenue of $928.05 Million revenue for the year 2015, PACW has had a substantial growth in the last year despite troublesome market conditions and it is expected to perform well through 2016.
Social pulse Social Media pulse is 100% higher than normal, with a lot of social chatter.


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