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Prime Day sentiments drive Amazon stock prices today

AMZN– Amazon.com, Inc. is a global e-retailer.

AMZN – Amazon.com, Inc

Fundamentals Previously closed at 753.78
Day’s high 757.34
Day’s low 750.51
P/E ratio 309.99
EPS 2.43


Analysts opinion Today is Amazon’s Prime Day – a shopping event which allows amazon’s Prime members to shop at Amazon with deep discounts. According to analyst estimates, last year’s Prime day drove about $375 Million worth Sales, and this year it is expected to be around $800 Million. Analyst confidence meter, a proprietary algorithm of Stockal gives 84% buy based on analyst ratings.
Sentiments The stock is flat today in early trading, since a few Prime customers reported difficulties in checking out, and Amazon tweeted that it is working on resolving the issue. The sentiment index is 50% positive according to Stockal proprietary algorithm.
Social Media Pulse The stock has 98% higher social media chatter than usual.


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Amazon and Apple Inc bullish in the long run

AMZN – Amazon.com Inc is a global E-Retailer.

AMZN – Amazon.com Inc

Fundamentals Previously closed at 717.93
Day’s high 722.45
Day’s low  711.51
P/E ratio 295.93
EPS 2.43


Analysts opinion This has been a bad week for retailers, while E-retailing has been booming. Consumer spending trends have not changed much, so this shows that people have just shifted to an online shopping experience. While retailers have just begun to offer their businesses online, the already established e-retail giant, Amazon has bullish sentiments from analysts. Analyst Confidence Meter, a proprietary algorithm of Stockal, reads an 80% “buy”.
Donald Trump, said that Jeff Bezos, who is owner of Amazon and founder of Washington Post, is using his newspaper to avoid taxes by Amazon. Due to this news, there may be negative sentiments, however, in the long run, analysts believe the stock is bullish.
Sentiments The Sentiment Index, a proprietary algorithm of Stockal, reads a 100% positive sentiments.
Social Media Pulse The stock has 2% lower social media chatter than usual.

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