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Antonio’s Perspective: Technical Analysis of Netflix

Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) was really amazing last week. Not only did NFLX start off the week with gains and a strong breakout but it maintained high levels throughout the entire week. The chart above of the stock shows clearly that “bulls” were able to overcome another attempt by “bears” to stall the sharp rally from the July low.

After a short pause in a sideways consolidation pattern between 95 and 100, during which the 50-day exponential provided a good support, it broke out upwards. The stock rebounded nicely on Friday after touching the lower line of this bull flag and with a positive market next week i think this stock should be moving higher.

Technical daily chart shows very strong bullish sign. First of all, the stock is trading above both 50-day and 200-day moving averages with both moving averages pointing upwards. Then the daily MACD is rising above “0” also indicating a buy. In addition, KD line and ADX still show the stock is on the positive swing.As long as the stock stay above the $100 price level, the bullish scenario still intact.

I want to remind all readers of Stockal that NFLX is often volatile and a fast moving stock, so I suggest everyone to book profits quickly around the key resistances lines and please don’t get greedy.

This is a guest post by  António Costa, acclaimed trader and the popular author of AC Investor Blog.  All views and analysis belong to the author.

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Antonio’s Perspective: Technical Analysis of Blackberry

For this weekend’s post I bought a well-known company that everybody knows that I have a long-term investment on it. This was one of the rare cases where I put some of my savings on a long-term investment specifically when I saw a familiar name taking the control of the company as CEO, that guy was John Chen. Most people don’t know nothing about this gentleman, but I recommend everyone to google the company name “Sybase” to know more about the skills of the guy as a business man.

Some of you, will think it’s impossible to see the same scenario on Blackberry, but I would like to point out that the new CFO of Blackberry is now Steven Capelli, who worked with John Chen at Sybase. Both also worked together at Pyramid Technology, a company that was sold to Siemens.  The life is made of coincidences, but this film I already saw in the past. As a shareholder I want to maximize always my investment and I truly believe that will get it here as well. I think Blackberry could be the next big sale for John and his buddy.There has been chatter about a BlackBerry sale for months/years, but with Steven in the team, the puzzle is now complete and the rumors could turn to reality. Keep in mind, the company is now financially stable with a lot of cash and a tremendous patent portfolio. Moreover, it owns QNX,  one of the most popular operating systems for in-car infotainment systems. I could write a lot more about Blackberry, Joh Chen and whatever, but my vision is clear in this small introduction.  Well, now is time to focus my attentions in the technical chart above.

The stock has made an awesome run since mid of September, but once again the rally stalled around 8.30 price level, which has been a tough level to regain and hold all year long. On daily technical chart, price is trading above all major exponential moving averages, MACD is rising in buy zone, while RSI is around the 60 level well under concerned overbought levels. This is indication of bullishness to continue.

The fact that the 50-day exponential moving average is also above the 200-day exponential moving average (golden cross), the trend is considered upward. Considering all above factors, the probability of a breakout is higher. A close above 8.36 would be required to turn the medium-term bias significantly toward buying trades. Definitely on watch.


This is a guest post by  António Costa, acclaimed trader and the popular author of AC Investor Blog.  All views and analysis belong to the author.

For the Social, Analyst and Sentiment perspective on Fitbit and other stocks download our iOS and Android apps.

The Relationship Between Wendy’s Price And Analyst Sentiment Shown In One Chart

As posted on Benzinga on 18th September 2016. Find the original article here.

Wendy’s Co has spent nearly all of the past year trading between $8.50 and $11. In that time the company has appointed a new CEO, weathered a credit card security breach, and launched the successful “4 for $4” promotion.

The following chart, courtesy of Stockal, shows how sell-side analyst sentiment on the company compares with the stock’s price. The price is shown in orange with the scale on the left side, while the analyst sentiment is measured via Stockal’s Confidence Meter on the right, a gauge of sentiment from over 200 Wall Street analysts.

Notable ratings changes include RBC, who upgraded the fast food chain to Outperform in November only to downgrade it to Sector Perform in August, and Goldman Sachs, who added the company to its Conviction Buy list in April before removing it in August. Currently, Goldman, Suntrust Robinson, Longbow Research and Barclays have Buy ratings on the company, while UBS holds a Sell rating.

Currently, the Confidence Meter is 78 percent bullish.

Increases in the Confidence Meter are indicated by the blue arrows.


All about the Twitter acquisition

Twitter surged 22.9% on Friday. CNBC reported that Twitter had received expressions of interest from several tech and media companies and may receive a bid soon, and named and Alphabet as potential buyers. Buying twitter can be profitable in various ways. Twitter’s main source of revenue is advertising. And its strength is quick information, the usefulness and impact of which is highly valuable. However, twitter’s user growth has remained stagnant and analysts suspect that if it doesn’t sell now, twitter may become the next yahoo. The user growth has been stagnant for 6 straight quarters. And advertisers aren’t spending as much as expected. RBC Capital Markets recently surveyed the advertisers and commented that Twitter’s proposition to them may be waning. Twitter is also in the middle of a strategic makeover, and is trying to change into a content – heavy platform. Though there haven’t been any bids yet, Twitter’s board has hired Goldman Sachs and Allen & Co to solicit potential buyers. According to a Bloomberg estimate, Twitter is worth $16.7 Billion.

Google and Twitter

Google’s primary revenue has been advertising. It sells ads related to people’s search queries to make its revenue. With Google’s Display ads, which is based on demographics, you can reach users who you know have an interest in your products. Facebook is currently the leader of this kind of advertising since it knows a lot of details about its user base. Google tried to initiate a social network with its Google+, but has failed. Acquiring Twitter may help Google in competing with Facebook on the social media and display advertising front.

Salesforce and Twitter

Salesforce, in the past three years has acquired companies which are focused on building software with humanlike abilities to recognize patterns, make decisions, and learn from experience. Such softwares require huge amounts of data. However, Salesforce already has full access to Twitter’s stream, due to its alliance with twitter in 2012. Salesforce recently unveiled an Artificial Intelligence software, called Einstein, which can analyse tweets and other data. Salesforce may lose access to the data if Twitter is acquired by a different company, however, if Salesforce acquires twitter, the data can be kept out of reach from its competitors.

Stockal Parameters on Twitter

Stockal Confidence Meter is at 54%. It is a proprietary algorithm, which gives us a weighted aggregate of analyst recommendations, derived from a pool of over 200 analysts. On Sunday, Canaccord Genuity restated its “Buy” rating for Twitter in a research note. On Friday, Despite RBC’s downgrade to “Underperform”, and a Price target cut to $14 from $17, TWTR traded 22.9% higher due to news of a buyout. RBC downgraded Twitter, citing waning interest from advertisers. Several other research reports have been done on twitter recently, with a majority of analyst giving a “Hold” rating. Deutsche Bank, Vetr, Suntrust Banks among others have been bullish on the stock.

Stockal Sentiment Index is 50% Positive. Sentiment Index is a proprietary algorithm, which gives us the sentiments of investors based on various social media like Twitter & Stocktwits. Stockal Social Media Pulse, which tracks the chatter on social media for stocks, is 100% higher than normal. With the news of Twitter closing in on a sale, the stock price shot up last Friday and has gained a positive momentum due to the news.

Antonio’s Perspective – GPRO Technical Analysis


I have been following this particular stock for the last month, and notice that the long-term trend could be about to reverse. As everybody know, this is obviously the kind of stock that requires a lot of attention and has some risk given its industry, but on a trading basis and based on the high volume that we have witnessed in the last sessions the risk to reward looks attractive at current levels.


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How Analysts Interpreted 5 Big Earnings Reports

As appeared on Benzinga on August 29th, 2016. The original article may be found here.

Stockal, a firm that analyzes social and analyst sentiment, recently reviewed analyst behavior surrounding five different companies’ earnings. Using their Confidence Meter, which measures the aggregated opinion of over 200 Wall Street analysts, we can see how confidence Wall Street analysts are in certain stocks, and how they interpreted earnings.

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Fitbit Stock: Antonio’s Perspective & Technical Analysis

Fitbit Inc (NYSE:FIT) finished the session Friday at the highest close since May on strong volume. The stock has been trying to close above the key resistance level at 16 a couple of times, but each attempt has been unsuccessful with the stock price each time retracing.

However, and based on the volume of the last two sessions, the breakout seems to be round the corner and once it closes above the 16 level, you could possibly get into the stock, with a stop loss of around 15.45 and look for targets of closer of 18 over the next weeks.
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Antonio’s Perspective: Technical Analysis of Wynn Resorts

Shares of Wynn Resorts, Limited (NASDAQ:WYNN) gained $2.62 or 2.65%, despite Friday’s market selloff, to close at $98.41 on solid volume. The stock has recovered nicely in the last few sessions since the recent low of 88.50 made in late August and has provided several meaningful signs of strength, by bouncing of its trendline support area around the 200EMA and then breaking above the 50EMA.

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