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Antonio’s Perspective: Exxon Mobil Corporation is consolidating after failing to Breakout Higher

Shares of Exxon Mobil Corporation (NYSE:XOM) continue to consolidate above its major exponential moving averages, after failing to breakout above the critical resistance at 88.59 on Thursday. This key level is proving to be a strong resistance zone since September. A strong trend would not be in place unless the (more…)
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What is Swing Trading

Swing trading is an investment technique where the asset is held for anywhere between a day to a few weeks with the idea of making profit from fluctuating prices or 'swings'. Investors are not interested in intrinsic value of the stock but rather focus on price momentum. The stock hold time usually lies between the two extreme ends - day trading, where asset is held for a day and trend
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A Primer on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

New York Stock Exchange or NYSE is the oldest US Stock exchange and worlds’ largest stock exchange by total market capitalization of the listed securities. It is a marketplace for nearly 8,000 corporate stocks and securities. Unlike the Nasdaq, it is an auction market where buyers and sellers enter in to competitive bids and offers. On the NYSE, the traffic controller to facilitate market and its working is called as
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What is Hedge Trading

Hedging is actually an insurance for trader’s profit/losses against adverse market conditions. Technically, hedge trading can be defined as a process to eliminate the risk of erratic price fluctuations in the market. Various hedging techniques can protect your stock against various types of risks. It protects your capital against fluctuation in prices due to change in demand and availability of various basic commodities such as metal, agricultural commodities, etc. It
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What are Binary Options

Binary options simply provides only two possibilities of payoffs to the investor – Yes or No. On the maturity date, if the asset is trading above a price designated at the time of contract agreement, the payoff is made to the trader else nothing at all. This simplicity makes them one of the most popular and lucrative options for new as well as existing traders. Binary options are also commonly
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What is Algorithmic Trading

Algorithmic trading (or algo-trading) is a trading process which utilises highly complex mathematical formulae encoded within a high speed computer program to develop and execute trading strategies with an aim to maximize gains.  It utilises various parameters such as time, price and volume to create a trading order based on the strategies developed by the program. It is also called as black-box trading or automated trading. (more…)